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    CLiCQUES Toys

    CLiCQUES [clicks] are colorful and fun magnetic peg dolls made from high-quality European hornbeam. Handmade and hand-painted, CLiCQUES consist of three elements that are held together with tiny magnets designed for you to mix them up, switch their "clothes" and use them as educational toys for teaching colors and different color combinations. Since CLiCQUES have minimal facial features, these magnet toys stimulate children’s inner picturing abilities and do not set limitations to creative thinking. CLiCQUES come in house-shaped boxes that can be used for imaginative play! 

    CLiCQUES is a young brand with a simple concept following four main principles: design, handmade quality, sustainability and originality. With CLiCQUES we tended to offer a beautifully designed and interesting toy to satisfy a conscious parent. We set out to design a product, which would be good in many ways: beautiful, high-quality, educational but also a sustainable, long-lasting toy for your children as well as playful decoration for your home. These aspirations lead us to creating lovely and fun wooden peg dolls in a minimalist design and with a unique feature.

    CLiCQUES are handmade and hand-painted with love in Austria. 


    Playroom Collective is proud to be an official distributor of CLiCQUES Toys in the United States. If you are interested in stocking CLiCQUES Toys, please email us at sales@playroomcollective.com with your business details.