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Gift for my Great Granddaughter for her dolls. Perfect addition to her Valentines Day Surprise.

Cute as a button!

Cute as a button and so very nostalgic! So sweet that our children will grow up with these “core smells” of childhood that we cherish so dearly. Make sure you read unlike I did- I did not realize that you need to scratch the sticker on the inside of the lid to activate the smell. User error! Thank you to the kind staff that helped me resolve this silly issue! Totally in love & will buy more of these cute & quality toys.

Hi Jenna!

Thank you so much for your review! We are so happy to hear that you love the doll food and we are so sorry that it didn't entirely meet your expectations! The food jars do in fact have a very subtle smell, however it's super easy to bring out more of the smell! :) All you have to do is open up the food jar, find the little sticker on the inside of the lid. Give the little sticker in the lid a scratch/rub and then pop the lid back on! Wait for a few minutes and open the lid back up again. You should smell the scent much more now!

Please let us know if that doesn't work and we will do our best to workout a solution for you! If your experience is ever less than 5 stars, please let us know and we will do everything we can to fix it for you!

Thank you!
Customer Care Team
Playroom Collective

Perfect Size Baby Doll

My 2 year old daughter loves her baby doll! It is the perfect size and so cute! We love that it is made with natural materials and it seems like it will last a long time.

Cute bag

Makes perfect with the bedding set

Adorable potty

Sooo cute and perfect fit for the dolls

Cute care set

Very well made

Sweet Seal

I love the Senger plush animals. They have a vintage appeal, and I feel good about the materials they are made from. I did think this seal would be a little larger, but it is a good size and is very cute. Shipping was super fast and I loved the tissue paper used to wrap. It's gift ready. :)

Great Quality!

Very cute and fun! My toddler loves these toys and they are soft and safe.


My son is a music lover and loooooves this toy! Brings it everywhere we go, there is always bells shaking in our house.


We love our little highchair! It is so sweet and is made out of quality material.

Bebe for Henry

My 19 month old grandson loves his Bebe!

Love it!

Beautiful product very well-made. My young girls love the stroller


Didn’t stay clicked out to pretend “feed.” Defeats the whole purpose.

What a precious and beautiful doll😍


Excellent quality. It’s so aesthetically pleasing. My kids love playing with the stroller. Worth every penny!

So good!

I love this little food set. I like how the spoon fits inside the jar and there is already a little food on the spoon. It reminds me of toys I had when I was little.

Cute Accessory

Love this little food so much. I love how the little spoon slides down into the jar and food on the spoon. I didn’t realize that there was a little slide lever on the spoon to make it look like more food on the spoon until after purchase. It’s too hard for my 18 month old daughter to push down in jar but it’s still really cute. Such a simple yet detailed play accessory.

So soft!

Very soft and perfect fit for Garance baby!

Cutest doll ever!

My toddler loves playing with this doll. It is the perfect size for their first “baby.”

Great baby doll!

Love the design of the doll and realistic features and soft body. My girl absolutely loves playing with it!

So cute! Beautiful quality.

So cute! We love playing with our Gerd doll using the diaper and bib for her!

Beautiful design & quality, well made, lovely!

Perfect addition as my girl has the matching print pram and doll clothes/accessories. Only thing is that the overall color of this print on the bag differed from that of the pram. My pram has the same print but it’s more pinkish and this definitely looks more beige/taupe tones.

Ball pack

These are great! My son is a little young for all the ball run tube pieces, but we use his tiles to make ramps. These are perfect to go down the ramps and will be great to have extras once he grows into the true ball run pieces.

Beautiful, wish there were saucers!

These are really beautiful, aesthetically very pleasing. Just wish each teacup would have a saucer and tiny spoon, that would’ve made it perfect!