Welcome to Playroom Collective and thank you for stopping by! We love having you here and appreciate your interest in our products. We put together this little introduction to give you a bit of an insight behind the scenes of our small business, so read on…


If you have followed along our journey since the start, you know that we have started out as Modern Playroom! My husband and I came up with the name a few years ago and it was perfect! With the birth of our twin babies, we postponed the launch because well, (newborn) twins are hard and they tend to require a lot of attention (all babies do!). Once our babies started growing up a bit, we were able to spend more time developing our little business and finding beautiful products that we wanted to showcase. Considering that we were working on everything ourselves, it took us about a year to get going…


And then the pandemic hit… I cannot tell you (you probably felt this way too!) how frustrated/scared/unsure/stressed (should I continue?!) we were about every single aspect of life. It definitely wasn't the perfect timing for starting a new business, but we were ready! We worked on our launch for so long, we spent so much time, energy, resources and we just had to risk it. On June 3rd 2020 (my dad's birthday!) we launched Modern Playroom. And I am so glad we did!


Fast forward almost two months, we started realizing that with every new product that we launched, our business started to change. We started working on our own branded designs and our own products that just didn't feel like "Modern Playroom" any more. It's like when you think of baby names and you finally pick a name, but then your baby is born and you realize, it's not their name! It doesn't feel like their name any more. That's how we felt about Modern Playroom. It was a great name, but it wasn't "our baby's" name.


That's when we came up with Playroom Collective. It made all the difference!


Why Playroom Collective? Well, as a person with an analytical mindset, it just makes sense to me (and hopefully to you too!). At Playroom Collective we curate and select collections (got it?) of products that aren't just modern or new. We represent wonderful brands that create heirloom-quality products for little ones and quite often their designs are based on principles (like Montessori or Waldorf) that aren't new or modern, but they are still genius!


So that about sums it up! We've got more exciting news coming your way, so you are more than welcome to subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest news and announcements right to your inbox!


With love and appreciation, 


Alexandra Kozhemiako