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Very Cute Baby Doll and smells good

Best Little Baby Dolly

We got this baby doll for our toddler daughter's birthday. She loved it from the moment she saw it and holds it and plays with it every day. It is simple, sweet, and a great size for small children.

Easter surprise

Came well packaged and in good condition. My kids haven’t played with them yet because I’m saving to add to their Easter baskets, but I know they’ll be a huge hit and wonderful addition to their collection of connetix. Playroom Collective had connetix at 10% off, best prices I’ve seen. This shop will be my go to for ordering the connetix brand tiles

Silicone Doctor Play Set
Alaina Betancourt

Silicone Doctor Play Set

Sweetest gift for my sixth baby.

Absolutely love the quality, sweetness and smell of this baby!!

I ordered online. It was shipped out right away. I had it sent to my Great Grandson’s home. Although i didnt see it, they raved about it.

Sooo perfect!!

It's my first doll from Minikayne and it won't be my last... it's the perfect doll I just love it can't wait for my daughter to play with her... Shipping was fast!!

So pretty and fun!

We practically play with these more than our kids lol fun for the whole family!

Baby Girl Doll - Lola

Perfect baby doll to add to my little girls collection.

The best dolly!

These dolls are beautiful, smell great and are so realistic! Perfect for pretend play.

Perfect umbrella stroller!

My daughter always wanted an umbrella stroller but I couldn’t ever find one that wasn’t just generic pink or blue but these are incredible! Beautiful and fun, have to order another because my kids constantly fight over who gets to play with it.

Sweet baby chair

Got this for my girls dolls and it’s very well made quality

Stacking cups

Got these for my twinkies and gives them hours of fun!

So sweet

This is a beautiful Color combo and so pleasant to look at!

Sturdy & good height

I bought 2 of these sweet strollers for our daycare program and the children were thrilled! The quality is great - I love that I can take the material off to wash. And the height is perfect for our kids aged 2-5yrs old. I found so many strollers to be too low causing the older kiddos to bend over. We’re in love!

Baby Doll Stroller - Marche De Fleur
Erika De Lany

*LIMITED EDITION* Baby Doll Stroller - Marche De Fleur


Maileg | Gantosaurus in Egg, Small - Old Rose

These are so cute and fit the doll perfect!

We love it ! My son is always pretending to call the elves and Santa even tho Christmas is over 😅😂

So cute and well made

My daughter loves using these with her Minikane doll. They are so cute and very well made items!

My girls love their new strollers, so adorable <3

Doll clothes

This was a gift for my granddaughter, they were cute

High quality!

This doll was bought for a 2 year old and it is a perfect size and very realistic. Highly recommend!


Bought this as part of my "under 5 yr olds" section of my Yule gift list! My 16 mo old was the recipient & SHE. LOST. HER. TODDLER. MIND!!! Chaoswolf (nickname) is OBSESSED with babies & taking care of babies, so this was the perfect gift for her to set up her "nursery ward" with every single doll in the house! My nearly 3 yr old, Wolfcub (also nickname)LOVES this set too, she can pack up her "'Venturin' bagpack mumma" in case she runs into some "bad guys" & needs to battle then patch herself up again! Wolfcub also "helps mumma" w/ this doctor kit. (I'm disabled due to a spinal injury & a Hyperemesis Gravidarum survivor & she was *just* old enough to "help" mumma when I was pregnant w/ the now 16 mo old.) She'll give mumma "hydrate therapy" & owie shots. & If I'm honest, it's too darn cute!

Practical stuff!
Everything works super well that has moving parts, the bandaids come in 3 skin tones (which is super cute!!!) The details are just darling, eg the "heart" for the syringe is super cute! "Quick Baby needs 35cc of kisses/hugs/snugglin' STAT!" The cap can twist on or be popped on/off for the medicine bottle & the stethoscope is the perfect size for little ears & it's just long enough to put around the back of your neck like the grown up nurses & docs do! The otoscope is a favorite for both wolf cubs, they love checking the ears of their stuffed animals (& of course babies!)

If you want a cool toy set that's silicone, water proof, teething proof & can handle going on adventures that ALSO introduces the M part of STEM in a beyond adorable way this is the toy set for you!

The only complaint I have, is that the bandaids don't stick or have a way to adhere (making them longer, a loop or something) but honestly it's not a big deal at all!