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So incredibly cute!

Hops just like a real bunny and reminds me of my late rabbit. We're a rabbit-loving family, so this was an obvious choice of gift for my one year old. Well made & beautiful natural wood.

The cutest toys ever

I got it for my nephew as a gift. He really love and into it, i also enjoy playing it with him too. This is a must have toys for your kid. Really good customer service, one of the item arrived broken, i email them and they replaced me a new one right the way. Definitely will come back and get more toys from them . And thank you for your service.


I got this for my niece and she was really happy with it. Very cute and good quality.

Momma to be loves it!

Part of a baby shower present. Love the color (I went with the green) and my friend absolutely loves it.

MIFFI Soft Doll
beauty galarza

My Madeline loved her Miffi doll and I get so many questions as to where can people get one for their babies

Great quality

My daughter loves it, well built and shipped promptly

So sweet!

Soft and cuddly, and I love that you can remove the insides and warm the elephant up for baby! Perfect size too!

Gift for 3 Year old Granddaughter

Bought this to give as a Birthday Present for our 3 year old granddaughter. Her Birthday is in a few weeks so she hasn’t received it yet. But the service/ delivery was very efficient and prompt, and the product looks beautiful.

Wooden Rainmaker Toy
Vladik Chijevich
Great toy.

The kids love to play with this toy.

Wooden Music Box - Ferris Wheel

Good quality. Love this unique set of play blocks!

Quite unique play blocks in good quality. Very happy with the purchase.

My baby loves it. When she was born, she wasn’t interested in sound toys. This is the first one that is appealing to her. Also the quality is really good, I end up buying another musical set from the brand.

Great quality & variety

I love the variety of this set! Sizing was just as I expected from images, if not slightly bigger than anticipated (but in a good way). Seems to be great quality too, but only time will tell on that one.


I been in the hunt for the baby goose and I’m so glad I got my hands on one! A must have!

Large and vibrant

I have not gifted this car to my toddler son yet, but I was delighted to open the box and see how large and beautiful it is. We have a few smaller Candylab cars but this one is quite substantial in size. We've been please with the quality of these vehicles, although we did have a racer break after rough play (we were able to glue it). I'm sure my big girls will use it as well.

Perfect wooden pieces for our 3y/o

These little animals were the perfect set for our toddler. Not super heavy but not easily breakable either. The customer service is wonderful as well.


I’ve been on the fence for awhile but finally ordered during a sale and am so happy I did! The quality is amazing


A lot bigger than I thought but in a good way! My kids like to pretend it’s the dad or mom to the smaller one

Buy it!

Adorable and my kids play with it in many different ways!


So cute and fun

Mini Bat Rattle
Aranda Araujo

So cute and amazing quality

In love

This is probably one of the cutest things I've bought in a while, not to mention how fast my dino came and how well packaged the item is :) I'm a plush collector, and this is definitely going to be one of my top favorites in my collection! The egg is such an added bonus!! Now I want to buy more hahaha! I don't want to self promote, so this is to the seller <3 look forward to a fun dino photoshoot and TikTok! :D

Pound a Ball of Fun

We purchased this toy for our 7 month old, knowing he may not be able to jump right into using it at the moment. Nonetheless, he loves it! For now, he watches us pound or push the balls up at the top and happily watches the ball swirl to the bottom. He does enjoy grabbing the wooden balls once they pop out. This is a very well made toy and the balls have a good weight to them, I think he finds it interesting that these balls are heavier than say, the felt ones we have that are the same size visually. I'm sure this is going to be a staple in our rotation for many years to come.

Great Multi-Purpose Toy

This piece gets a 5-star rating for a few reasons- it is a rain maker that when flipped allows the balls to fall through each chamber to make an interesting sound, can be used as a rattle to play music when shaking along side other instruments, a tummy time rolling toy to encourage movement. Not only does it have many uses, it's beautifully made with great quality, and we know it will last a long time in our family.